MicroChoice ® Microbial Cultures

Our MicroChoice® Microbial Cultures are almost always in-stock and available. If you're looking for a culture that you don't see here, please send us a note with the organism information and we'd be happy to get you a quote for a contract fermentation!

MicroSynergies® provides microbial cultures from leading global microbial manufacturers and markets them under the MicroChoice® brand.

Our MicroChoice® culture line consists of the genus and species most commonly used in the animal feed (direct-fed microbials and forage inoculants), animal health, aquaculture, bioremediation, human food/supplements, soil/plant inoculants, and waste water treatment industries.

Some of the criteria used in selecting our cultures was based on their quality, genetic stability, shelf-life, and metabolite production.

MicroChoice® microbial cultures can be purchased as individual strains or blended into a mixed culture product and can be ordered to meet your specific Colony Forming Unit (CFU) specifications. Maximum CFU concentrations available are dependent on individual strain yield.

Some genus and species have multiple strains available. Additional microbial cultures are available upon request.

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MicroSynergies® LLC is a privately held United States company, specializing in the procurement, formulation, and contract fermentation of beneficial organisms including bacteria, yeasts, and fungi for use in human, animal, agricultural, and industrial applications.

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